Friday, 10/20/17 B-day

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Lesson Unidad 1 

Online textbook:

Objectives: Students will learn to introduce oneself and others, to identify people, and to learn and use subject pronouns.

Essential question: How do you introduce someone else in Spanish?

 HOMEWORK CHECK: Workbook pages 29 and 30

 Warm up:  Translate the following to Spanish: boy, girl, male friend, girlfriend, sister, son, and parents.

 Mini Lesson: Identifying oneself and identifying others textbook page 36.

Class work:

  1.  Complete listening activity 11 textbook page 39 (we do).
  2.  Complete activity 12 textbook page 39 (you do).
  3.  Read about subject pronouns textbook page 40 and complete activity 16 (you do).
  4.  Go over homework (we do).
  5.  Watch episode 2 of Mi vida loca.

 Exit ticket: How do you introduce someone else in Spanish?

 Homework: Study presentaciones and las personas vocabulary on quizlet


Las personas