Monday, 4/16/18 B-day

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Lesson: Unidad 2 vocabulary and grammar review

Online textbookå

Objectives: Students will be introduced to themes from unit 3. Themes included shopping in the context of Mayan culture and Guatemala’s historic cities.

Essential question: What similarities do you see between Guatemala and Puerto Rico?

Warm up: Look at pictures on pages 144 and 145. Pick two pictures and compare and contrast them. Write 2 sentences about each picture using the verb ser.


 Class work: 

  1. Students will read pages 146 & 147 then complete activity1 on textbook page 147 (you do).
  2.  Read about and go over useful phrases on textbook page 148 then complete activity 3 textbook page 148 (you do).
  3.  As a class discuss activity 4 textbook page 149 (we do).
  4.  Students read dialogue on and complete activity 6 textbook page 150 (you do).
  5.  Complete workbook pages 101 and 102.


 Homework check: Study unit 3 Desafio 1 and 2 vocabulary on Quizlet.