Thursday, 10/12/17 A-day

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Lesson: Unidad 1 México 

Objectives: Students will see vocabulary in context, with pictures and illustrations. Students will learn useful expressions to introduce themselves.

Warm up:  Write a conversation between 3 people.  Be sure to include greetings, introductions, time, and good byes.

 Mini Lesson: Unit 1 intro textbook page 30.

 Class work: La llegada textbook page 32.

 1. Students will read dialogue on textbook pages 32 and 33, then answer questions on activity 1 textbook page 33 (you do).

 2.Complete listening activity 2 textbook page 34 (we do).

 3. Students will complete activity 3 textbook page 34 (you do).

 4.Students will complete activities 4 and 5 textbook page 35 (you do).

 5.Copy vocabulary on textbook page 80.

 Exit ticket: How do you introduce yourself in Spanish?

 Homework: Study presentaciones vocabulary on quizlet.