Thursday, 4/12/18 B-day

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Lesson: Unidad 2 vocabulary and grammar review

Online textbookå

Objectives: Students will review vocabulary and grammar concepts presented in unit 2.

Essential question: ¿ Que tienes que hacer?

Warm up: 

Correct the sentences to the correct form of the verb.

1. Yo beber agua.

2. Ella hablar mucho en la clase.

3. Marcy y Daniella Tener que limpiar la casa.

4. Olivia, Kesner y tu abrir las ventanas.

5. Emily y yo lavar los platos.

 Class work: 

1.Students will Complete activity 99 textbook page 134.

2. Review unit 2 vocabulary and grammar with Plickers interactive assessment.

3. Students will work in pairs to practice asking and responding to questions about home and chores vocabulary and grammar.

 Homework check: Study unit 2 La casa vocabulary on Quizlet.