Tuesday, 12/19/17 B-day

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Lesson: Unidad  1  The verb Estar

Online textbookhttp://duvalps.schoology.com/

Objectives: Students will learn to express condition using the verb estar. They will review uses of adjectives and get additional practice using gender and number agreement

 Essential question: ¿Cómo estas hoy?

Warm up: Draw  and label 5 emotions to represent vocabulary you have learned in unit 1.

 Mini Lesson: The verb Estar

Class work:

  1.  Teacher will go over the verb estar textbook page 68 (I do).
  2.  Students will complete activity 88 textbook page 68 (you do).
  3.  Complete listening activity 89 textbook page 69 (we do).
  4.  Complete activity 90 textbook page 69 (you do).
  5.  Complete activity 91 textbook page 69 (you do).
  6.  Complete activity 93 textbook page 70 (you do).

 Exit Ticket: Translate to Spanish: 1. she is tired, 2. we are happy.  2. I am sad.

Homework: Students will study the verb estar vocabulary set on quizlet