Tuesday, 3/6/18 B-day

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Lesson: Unidad 2 vocabulary and grammar

Online textbookhttp://duvalps.schoology.com/

Objectives: Students will learn how to conjugate regular ar verbs in the present tense within the context of household chores.

Essential question: ¿Dónde está tu casa?

Homework check:  Workbook pages 83 and 84.

Warm up:  Write 25 sentences in Spanish. Be sure to use vocabulary from the preliminary unit, unit 1 and unit 2

 Class work:

Take La casa vocabulary quiz

Go over the work below. 

  1. Complete activity 62 textbook page 116.
  2. Complete activity 63 textbook page 117.
  3. Workbook page 81 and 82.
  4. Watch Mi vida Loca.