Unidad 1

Unidad 1 México

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Unidad 1 Objectives: Students will learn the following:

  • To greet and say goodbye.
  • To introduce oneself or others formally and informally.
  • To identify oneself and others.
  • To describe people’s physical and personality characteristics.
  • To describe family members.
  • To express temporary states, sensations, and conditions.
  • To express one’s age and ask for the age of others.
  • To formulate questions.
  • To ask and tell one’s origin.
  • To explore cultural aspects of México

Subject pronouns

The verb Ser

How to conjugate the verb Ser

The life and times of Frida Kahlo

What is El día de los muertos?

Mexican day of the dead

Los adjetivos

What is a Quinceañera

La familia 

El verbo tener present tense

Tener conjugation song

Possessive adjectives

Describing feelings with the verb Estar



Las personas

La familia

Características físicas

Estados y sensaciones

Rasgos de personalidad

Más práctica

subject pronouns + Ser practice


      1. Click the wheel
      2. When the wheel stops on a subject pronoun write the form of ser that matches the subject pronoun.