Unidad Preliminar

Unidad Preliminar

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Unidad Preliminar Vocabulary List: Click here

This unit is an introduction to the Spanish language. Students will take a”crash course ” in the following subjects::

  • Spelling and pronunciation
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Goodbyes and courtesies
  • Classroom items
  • Useful classroom phrases
  • Basic questions
  • Calendar
  • School subjects and time
  • Weather and seasons

El alfabeto  (The alphabet in Spanish)

Saludos y presentaciones (Greetings & introductions)

Despedidas (Goodbye in Spanish)

El salón de clases (Classroom items)

Hacer Preguntas (Question Words)

Days of the week and months of the year

Materias escolares (School Subjects)

Telling Time

The seasons

The weather


El alfabeto (Spanish alphabet)

Expressiones sociales 1 (Greetings and introductions)

Expressiones sociales 2

La clase (Class)

La escuela (School)

Más Actividades